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Crosstex Corporate HQ

10 Ranick Road

Hauppauge, NY 11788


Toll Free: 888 276 7783

T: 631 582 6777 | F: 631 582 1726

E: crosstex@crosstex.com

Crosstex Protects: A Cantel Medical Company

A division of Cantel Medical Corporation (NYSE: CMN): Crosstex International Inc. manufactures a wide array of infection prevention and control products for the healthcare industry, the majority manufactured in its FDA-registered New York facility.

Founded in 1953 and headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, Crosstex sells innovative products including: sterilization pouches and accessories, chemical and biological monitoring products, patient towels and bibs, surface disinfectants and deodorizers, germicidal wipes, hand sanitizers, gloves, sponges, cotton products, saliva ejectors and evacuator tips.

Crosstex is a recognized leader for its line of personal protection equipment (almost one in every three face masks worn in the U.S dental market is a Crosstex mask) and with the addition of its sister company, SPSmedical in 2012, Crosstex broadened its sterility assurance product offerings and strengthened its position in the acute-care and alternate-care markets.

Crosstex offers a wide-array of products and services that enable hospitals, surgery centers, office-based practitioners and dental offices to safely and accurately monitor and verify their sterilization practices and protocols. Processing over 2.5 million mail-in spore tests annually, Crosstex processes biological spore tests from a diverse range of customers (National and Local Distributors, Medical Institutions, Physicians, Veterinarians, Tattoo/Beauty Parlors, Teaching Universities, Dentists, Dental Service Organizations, Group Purchasing Organizations and Government Agencies). In partnership with these clients, world-leading distributors, and organizational institutions such as: OSAP, ADA, AAMI; Crosstex works to educate the industry on proper sterility assurance and infection control processes.

With infection control breaches making news headlines in recent months; Crosstex is dedicated to instrument reprocessing education and provides counsel for all biological monitoring clients through live consultative phone calls. Clients receive individualized support, online test results, spore test reminders and even personalized phone calls from customer care specialists when they’ve received a failed spore test—with the aim of each client understanding the proper frequency/protocol required to meet physical, chemical and biological monitoring to ensure CDC compliance. 

Crosstex is dedicated to delivering innovative infection prevention and control (IP&C) products and services for patients, caregivers, and other healthcare providers, which improve outcomes and help save lives.

Client Testimonials

Crosstex is a company that cares about education. They spend time and resources making sure that customers understand the products they are using and are using them correctly. Any company can make a sale, Crosstex makes lasting relationships.

Leslie Canham,
CDA, RDA Speaker/Consultant on Infection Prevention and Safety- lesliecanham.com
Client Testimonials

Crosstex has come out with a lot of amazing product that are focused on excellent patient care and accurate infection control. As well Crosstex is always thinking about how to keep the patient safe and comfortable in the dental chair.

April Slater,
Dental Assistant - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Client Testimonials

Innovation, Quality and Design are the 3 best words I can find to describe Crosstex Products.  Products like Sure-Check® Multi-Parameter Sterilization Pouches and the STEAMPlus™ Type 5 Integrators allow you to be on TOP of your game when it comes to optimal sterility. I love offering the entire Crosstex suite of products to my customers as they always have the patient in mind!

Carie Miskell,
CRDA / Dental Sales Director
Client Testimonials

We are very pleased with both the service and the communication we receive from CrosstexBMS. The website is easy to use and it's great to have all of our test results available online anytime we need to see them. Thanks.

Maryjane L Bruning,