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Crosstex Biological monitoring service

The Largest sterilizer testing lab in north america

millions of spore tests... 1 mission:

to protect our diverse clientele

Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Beauty, Tattoo & Piercing
Offering 24/7 Online Biological Test Results & Clinical Consultations For All Clients

Committed to protecting your patients, your staff and your practice.
Learn why our clients choose crosstex for sterility assurance.

  • Mail-in spore test results in as little as 24 hours for steam, 72 hours for chemical, 7 days for dry heat and EtO upon receipt of spore strips in our laboratory. 
  • Compatible with dry heat, chemical EtO and steam sterilizers.
  • Your choice of immediate test failure notification by fax or email with a follow-up phone call the next day from one of our customer care consultants.
  • Sterilization results are faxed or emailed quarterly and annually.
  • Check results online 24 hours a day on our secure confidential website.
  • Third party documentation of test results provides a tangible record when proof of testing must be provided.
  • Highly resistant dual-species bacterial spores provide the most reliable method of testing for an effective sterilization cycle.
  • One of the most cost-effective methods of biological monitoring. 
  • Products are US Food and Drug Administration cleared.
  • OSAP Corporate Super Sponsor
  • Corporate member of AAMI, serving on many sterilization working groups
  • Participating corporate member with DIAC, DTA, HIDA, ADAA, ADHA

Crosstex is committed to your practice's success and safety. Click here to send a request for more information.



Utilizing Crosstex® as your testing lab for Mail-in Sterilizer Monitoring Services allows you to partake in our complimentary Reminder Service, which provides customers with alert notifications of a missed test date by email or fax (as indicated in your preferences).

Client Testimonials

Crosstex is a company that cares about education. They spend time and resources making sure that customers understand the products they are using and are using them correctly. Any company can make a sale, Crosstex makes lasting relationships.

Leslie Canham,
CDA, RDA Speaker/Consultant on Infection Prevention and Safety- lesliecanham.com
Client Testimonials

We are very pleased with both the service and the communication we receive from CrosstexBMS. The website is easy to use and it's great to have all of our test results available online anytime we need to see them. Thanks.

Maryjane L Bruning,
Client Testimonials

Crosstex has come out with a lot of amazing product that are focused on excellent patient care and accurate infection control. As well Crosstex is always thinking about how to keep the patient safe and comfortable in the dental chair.

April Slater,
Dental Assistant - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Client Testimonials

Innovation, Quality and Design are the 3 best words I can find to describe Crosstex Products.  Products like Sure-Check® Multi-Parameter Sterilization Pouches and the STEAMPlus™ Type 5 Integrators allow you to be on TOP of your game when it comes to optimal sterility. I love offering the entire Crosstex suite of products to my customers as they always have the patient in mind!

Carie Miskell,
CRDA / Dental Sales Director